6mRs at 2009 6mR World Cup Newport


Welcome to Newport MetreFest,  an exciting new regatta for International Rule sailing yachts including 2.4mR, 6mR, 8mR and 12mRs. Three days of racing, hosted by New York Yacht Club, with support from Ida Lewis Yacht Club and Sail Newport will be run in conjunction with NYYC’s Annual Regatta from June 9-11, 2017. Sail Newport will provide dockage for all of the boats at their Fort Adams facility, enabling both sailors and spectators to walk the docks and appreciate the formula designs from vintage through more modern boats up close. An opening social event, proximate to the docked fleet at Fort Adams, is scheduled for the evening of June 8. Regatta and Social event registration details for participants will follow. Admission for the public to walk the docks (before and after racing daily) will be free of charge.

MetreFest Registration Includes:

  • Thursday, 6/8- Sunday 6/11: Metre boat dockage at  Sail Newport
    • Sunday, 6/11- 6/21: 2.4mR storage (- Clagett Regatta start)
  • Thursday, 6/8: Welcome Reception, Ida Lewis YC, 1800 hrs
  • Friday, 6/9: MetreFest Party, Sail Newport tent, 1830hrs
    • 12mRs receive 17 tickets
    • 8mRs receive 8 tickets
    • 6mRs receive 5 tickets
    • 2.4mRs receive 1 ticket
    • Additional tickets available at $50pp
  • Saturday, 6/10: Breakfast at Sail Newport tent
  • Sunday, 6/11: Breakfast at Sail Newport tent

Regatta for International Rule Yachts

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