The 12 Metre

12mR YachtThe first 12mRs were built in 1907 and sailed at the Olympic Games in 1908, 1912 and 1920. One of the first International Rule classes, 12s enjoyed increasing popularity throughout the pre-War years when many were designed as elegant racer-cruisers. However, it was not until they were selected for America’s Cup competition from 1958-87 that the Twelves gained their now iconic status. The Americas fleet based in Newport, RI (AC host 1958-87), is comprised primarily of Traditional and Modern division “Cup boats.” In Northern Europe, the Baltic fleet has enjoyed a recent renaissance sparked by the restoration of many graceful Vintage and Antique (gaff-rigged) 12s now actively competing in the Baltic Sea. The Southern Europe fleet consists of a plethora of designs of all divisions spread throughout the Mediterranean, Great Brittan, Brittany and Australia. Typically 12 Metre yachts range from 65 to 75 feet (about 20 to 23 m) in length overall; they are most often sloop-rigged, with masts roughly 85 feet (26 m) tall. –12mR website

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Photos: SallyAnne Santos

Regatta for International Rule Yachts

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